How It Works

Find your device by clicking on the carrier, manufacturer, and model. It is very easy directly on the homepage. If you can not find your device, please call us. We will quote you instantly.

Then tell us what condition your phone is in, and whether or not it is fully functional or if it is defective. Please be as acurate in this step as you can. But even if there is a discrepency, we will always return the device to you with an updated offer.

If you accept our offer, click add to package shipment. Repeat this process if you have more than one device. There is a minimum of $30 trade in to qualify for free shipping. If your device works please turn off find my phone on iPads and iPhones and remove any google emails off android devices.

After this you will be asked to do a quick registration where you will be emailed a Free Shipping Label. Tape this securely to a small box or package. Please protect the device and drop it off at the closest post office near you. Now your package is insured and you can wait for payment. you can always track the status of your order on our website.

When we receive your devices, we will make sure they are described correctly and send your payment immediately via paypal or check by mail. If there is something wrong with the device that you did not let us know about, we will contact you to explain why the quote has changed. If you disagree with this quote, we will return your items at no charge to you. We will also return your items if they are iCloud or Google locked.