About Us

Cell Blue Book is not your average cell phone buyback website. Beyond purchasing your high end iPhones for top dollar, we are aggressively buying back all phones no matter how old or condition. We have recycled or sold for reuse more than 10 million cellular devices. Our number one priority is integrity and fairness to our customers. We spend thousands of man hours monthly making sure our prices are the absolute most accurate on the market. It is our top priority to make sure you as the customer gets top dollar for every device sold to us. We will never ask you to donate anything. We pay for everything. Customer first is our standard.

Our second priority after our customers is the environment. Precisely why we buy back cellular devices, to reuse or recycle to conserve rare earth metals on top of keeping these metals out of the landfills. It does a great service to our water, air & soil. This is what sets us apart from nearly all other buyback sites. We will pay you for your old flip phone because we care about the environment that much, all other sites offer $0.

We are here working hard in Beverly Hills, Michigan everyday to make sure the customer or the environment does not get short changed. When we set our prices, we set them with you the customer on our minds and the market follows us in favor of you.